The land of generous dreamers – part 3

maggio 2, 2017

Sardoncini (big anchovies), bombolini (sea snails), trufelli (calamaretti spillo, baby squids), calcinelli (a peculiar kind of clams know as telline), cannelli (known as canolicchi or cappelunghe), nocchie (known as canocchie), moscioli (mussels), folpi (octopus), furbi (baby octopus) garagoi or crocette (murici, another kind of sea snails), anguilla (eel), aringa (herring), baccala (salted codfish), stoccafisso (stockfish), sarde (sardines), sgombri (mackerel), suri (sugarless, horse mackerel), beccacce (woodcock), cinghiale (boar), fagiano (pheasant), lepre (hare), quaglie (quails), starne (partridge), tordo (thrush), tacchino (turkey), agnello (lamb), pecora (sheep), quinto quarto (offal), lumache (ground snails), rane (frogs).  Continue Reading…


Mediterranean inspiration – part 1

aprile 6, 2017

We mediterraneans tend to be lazy, gadfly, (some say) not that committed to rules, but we can’t hold from being warm and generous. We all have been snot-nosed children, our mothers a kind of sacred molochs and the indisputable queens at mastering pans, pots and food. Religion keeps having a say in our habits and way of being. Continue Reading…


All I need

aprile 6, 2017

Hours spent in cooking classes with amateurs, other ones with pros (where I was the only non-pro; nowadays I wear not chef coat, just sage green or black aprons)… washing pots and dishes, peeling potatoes, chopping onions, deboning anchovies (even cats don’t get their leftovers as blood is too bitter), Continue Reading…