A taste of Sardinia – part 1

maggio 1, 2017

It’s a shame we all know too little about what we should (and often too much about useless stuff). 

To the most of us Sardinia is about heavenly blue sea, golden dusty sand and the freshest sea food you could ever expect. 

The all of these are true but… it’s only the beginning. Sardinia is an island with a sharp personality, deeply-rooted traditions and a peculiar cultural identity, was that in its carasau bread (known as “carta da musica”, because of its crispiness and the unique noise it makes as you break and bite it), hand made desserts (tiliccas, pistoccheddus and other sweets are miniatured sculptures) or in the manufacturing of clothes and carpets, baskets weaving, pottery. 

Sardinia adopted me. To them I am a “continentale” (from the mainland) who married an “isolana” (a girl from the island). My father in law gifted me two horn handlers traditional knives. He explained me that the blade of the first one is that thin “to kill sheeps and goats”, the latter rounded “to skin them”… as we say “Uomo avvisato, mezzo salvato” (As you warn a man, he’s in time to save himself)… so never have troubles with a father in law from the island!

As identity and traditions are felt so strongly, their cuisine starts from the seasons and the places. The quality of raw ingredients is the cornerstone, then – as almost everywhere in Italy – one family recipe or the neighbor’s one are worlds apart! Every single person conveys history, craftsmanship and love for the land.

Pictures by myself Riccardo Rama de Tisi 

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