A taste of Sardinia – part 2

maggio 1, 2017

Sardinia offers an incredible range of experiences: hiking, speleology, mountain bikes and kayaking, just to say some. 

Food is by definition fantastic fish (eels and mullet roes included), but also red ox, “melina” (18 months old veal, honey color blanketed – where the name comes from), lamb, kid (capretto), wild boar, hare, partridge, woodcock, quails, blackbird, thrush, coot lamb, pork, offal, snails, artisanal ham and cheese (a universe), fresh fruit and veggies by the season (melon, strawberries, oranges, artichokes, fennels, Camone tomatoes, cucumber, celery, radish, wild greens, assorted salads).

It would take a separate post, then, just to talk about bread: in the Mediterranean basin it has a leading role in defining culture and values of different populations. In Sardinia, to say our case, it is supposed to be pure white and it can only be split, never cut.  

Food is intertwined with religion (think about farmers rituals for a favorable weather), mutuality (catholicism may have a say on this), and hard work in a harsh land:

– In su bucconi sparziu s’angelu sin ci sezzidi (on the morsel you share there’s room enough for an angel to sit upon)

– Innue mandigant duos, mandigant tres (the food for the two will always feed three of us)
– su dolore pius duro est su morrer de famine (the hardest pain is about dying by hunger)

– pro connoscher un amigu est precisu mandigare unu saccu de sale impare (to find a real friend is about eating together plenty of salt, which means “sharing plenty of hard times”)

– su famine est su mezus condimentu (no better seasoning than hunger)

– po un’ariall’e pibiri ci ha perdiu sa cassola (a pinch of black pepper ruined the whole fish soup, which means “don’t expose yourself to useless risks as they can compromise the whole effort)

– abba et sole, trigu a muntone, subta sa cappa de nostru segnore (rain and sun, plenty of what are all gifts held within the Lord’s cowl)

Pictures by myself Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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