A taste of Sardinia – part 3

maggio 1, 2017

“Su prangiu de oi” (today’s lunch) is a poem where “is tres beccisceddus” (three little old men) talk about…

Oi ci tengu unu bellu minestroni, minestroni de cisciri e garroni: esti de calirari pitticheddu moddi moddi comenti unu xerbeddu.
Deu inveci macarronis cun tomatas, tomatas friscas chi oi non d’agatas! macarronis in biancu po una scira prefergiu perdi tres annus de vira!

Deu ‘na cassola e’ pisci, cosa rara cun iscropola e anguidda ammisturara, fatta de manu de mulleri mia, lingua longa, ma mano saporia.

Today I’ll have a fantastic minestrone with chickpeas and pig’s trotter: as it’s in tiny size it is as tender as brain.

I’ll have macaroni and tomatoes, tomatoes as fresh as you can get them nowhere these days! Plain macaroni (without tomato sauce)? I’d rather live three years less!

Today a precious (unfrequent) dish soup for me,  with eel and rockfish in the same pot cooked by my wife who’s bigmouth (but) with hands great with flavors.

Written by Teresa Mundula Crespellani.

Sardinian cooking. 

Pictures by myself Riccardo Rama de Tisi 

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