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novembre 18, 2017

These days Italy didn’t qualify for 2018 world soccer championship. Witch hunting is on, as useless as it can be.

After 60 years we’ll miss frozen beers, barbecues etc with families and friends. When Italy plays roads get deserted and flies are required to make no noise. If Italy wins you’ll hear roars, horns, chants. Otherwise silence will stay till the following day.

Carlo Cracco, a charming arbiter at MasterChef, got downgraded from 3 to 2 Michelin stars. Some say it’s for he spent too much time on TV (rather than doing his own work). He answered back to a journalist the red guide needs chefs in the same way chefs need the magic book. Just a give-and-take story (I agree with him).

Claudio Sadler from 2 to 1. He cries he lost one of the two as he’s not enough “social”, just having a life in his kitchen.

Some chefs told me “stars” are like drug: the more you have, the more you want. Others told me stars are their worst nightmare: as you have them, there’s always a chance to lose them.

Tough stuff, I know. About setting your goals and dealing at best with yourself…

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