An interview with myself

giugno 20, 2016

1. Why losing 110 lbs / 50kg (from 250 to 140lbs / from 113 to 63kg)?
R: At the time I was having an extremely troublesome life, no surprise I was a heavy smoker and a junk food addicted. One day the doctor told me my heart membrane was worsening quite fastly…this scared me at most…it was the driver to decide to lose weight

2. How did you do it?

R: I started with no specific help or knowledge. At the very beginning I cut everything except bread, lettuce and water but after 6 months I had lost only 5 lbs and I was (understandably) desperate…

3. What happened next?

R: I began to eat a bit of everything, just in much lower quantities (just a pizza per month!). I realized the body is our most precious friend, not an angry dog to beat. It needs trust, love, we must listen to it and give it something back as we ask for its efforts

4. How long did it take?

R: I reached my target (140lbs) in 28 months, unfortunately I kept loosing weight and reached a bottom at 100lbs. I think I pushed things too forward and the forced scarcity of sugar to my brain was of no help

5. What happened next?

R. I realized that the whole issue is not about adopting a diet for a given span of time, rather it’s about having proper daily habits. Once you know what to avoid, say, because of allergies, you have to be honest with yourself, understanding you need a holistic perspective, which means keeping together body, mind and soul. A bit of workout is healthy for everything, eating properly is a key factor both in daily living and as an anti-age fellow

6. What losing weight has to do with your passion with cooking?

R. I never cared about cooking or ingredients. As I realized that eating correctly was a key instrument for taking care of myself, I began to study both the medical issues related to proper nutrition, both the properties of ingredients in order to maximize the benefits

7. Which means concretely what?

R. I attended plenty of cooking classes, had a fundamental stage in a restaurant, I applied in the techniques by the ingredients, I keep updating myself about cooking from all over the world

8. Is there a recipe for correct living?

R. Think clean, breathe clean, act clean, be connected to nature and have some pilates!

9. In your opinion, how people should eat?

R. I think that eating is just a part of the game. I mean that taking care of ourselves has to do with plenty of good habits and nice spiritual efforts. For sure food has to be natural, healthy and by the season

10. Your favourite dish?

R. Everything made with love!
Picture: me at 250 lbs / 113kg, Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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