Artist’s table: Clara Bona

luglio 5, 2016

1. Dear Clara, three words to depict who you are

C: I am an architect, a journalist and a curious person, in love with everything that is beautiful and charming

2. Three words to tell us about the role of creativity in your work

C: It is a priority. Without creativity my work wouldn’t exist: an impressive interior is mainly made by style and original ideas 

3. The very first time this would have been the mission in your life

C: I have always been in love with beautiful home interiors, I think I understood my passion when I was 6 years old

4. What is fundamental for your art to take concrete shape

C: The feeling with the client: only when you work in harmony with your commitment you can reach the best results. It isn’t the budget: I can do my best also with little money 

5. The compliment that gave you the most of joy

C: It is that I work at every home with love, like if it is my own, trying to understand needs and style of whom will live in

6. The customer to avoid

C: The one that believes to know everything better than you…

7. The critique you cannot fight back

C: …I can fight back with any critique!

8. Art and food feed people (in different ways, I agree). What is your favorite food?

C: I totally agree! I love food and people that love to eat with passion. My favourite food are trasversal: vegetables and legumes, fusion cousine with a preference for Thai … but also risotto with ossobuco

9. If your creative inspiration came form an ingredient, what would it be?

C: All the spices, because they add a twist to every food

10. Whatever your next artistic project, as a dish what should it be?

C: It could be a fresh salad with nuts, avocado, fruits, flowers and herbs

Thanks to Clara Bona

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