Artist’s table: Marco Parenti

luglio 8, 2016

1. Dear Marco, three words to depict who you are 

M: A human walking the world in search for beauty.

2. Three words to tell us about your artistic work 

M: Express surprise, admiration, respect for what exists.

3. The very first time you realized what you do is something you cannot do without 

M: When I found out that photography can be art. Regrettably, this occurred not long ago, and I am now 64. 

4. What is fundamental for your art to take concrete shape? 

M: The right balance between light and shadow.

5. The compliment that gave you the most of joy

M: One comment to my National Geographic Picture of the Day on April 12, 2014: “A simple cart framed many times is condensed with lovely color, making this a shot that is more than great. Its wonderful what the eyes of a human with a camera can see, and the going about of ‘getting it’.”

6. The customer to avoid 

M: The anhedonic, an individual who is unable to feel and express pleasure. 

7. The critique you cannot fight back 

M: “You’re not professional”. Because it is true, I am not. 

8. Art and food feed people (in different ways, I agree). What is your favorite food? 

M: Anything with red pepper, as life must be spicy to be worth living.

9. If your creative pleasure was a food, what would it be? 

M: A fish couscous the way it is cooked in Trapani, Sicily, a delicious mixture of the best Mediterranean spices and flavours, traditions, and cultures.

10. Whatever your next artistic project, if it was a dish what should it be? 

M: A three-colored dish with white, black, and red, like a Greek salad with no cucumbers.

Thanks to Marco Parenti 

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