Artist’s table: Marta Sansoni (wearing Cactus!)

maggio 21, 2016

1. Dear Marta, three words to depict who you are

M: A designer, an architect, a fool-in-love with-poetry

2. what is the role of creativity in your work?

M: Creativity is where all of my inspiration and production comes from, that’s the origin both in design and architecture

3. The very first time this would have been the mission in your life

M: As far as I remember I always knew it

4. What is fundamental for your art to take concrete shape

M: I constantly search for beauty. I look for inspiration from anything and beauty has to be in everything I design.

5. What is your art aiming at?

M: I work very imaginatively in order to stimulate wonder and emotions in others. The final object or aesthetic concept is the concrete elaboration of this.

6. The customers to avoid

M: Those who come to meet me because of a fancy magazine, and those with whom you don’t talk about a project as they are just focused on how much it’ll cost

7. The critique you cannot fight back

M: It’s a long time I collaborate with Alessi; I developed a project they truly appreciated, but it won’t be put into production as costs are too high.

8. Art and food feed people (in different ways, I agree). What is your favorite food?

M: When food is worked out properly, it constitutes a thrilling form of art. I’m in love with pasta and veggies, a rainbow of tastes, colors and shapes.

9. If your creative inspiration came form an ingredient, what would it be?

M: For sure from the universe of vegetables! So far I designed for Alessi Cactus!, Tralcio Muto, Oliette, Fior D’Olio…I am also investing in an entrepreneurial scale on Bianco Solo, you can see it at Triennale Museum in Milan.

10. Whatever your next artistic project, how you expect it to be?


Middle page picture: Bianco Solo by Marta Sansoni,

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