Artist’s table: Paolo and Viviana, maitres patissiers

maggio 29, 2016

Paolo Moschini (born 1969): relevant experiences with Gualtiero Marchesi, Ernst Knam, he grew up (professionally speaking) in Milan, London and Modena (with his own activity). Viviana Vigorelli (born 1977): her inner love for art brought her to haute patisserie. She learnt from Ernst Knam…she’s almost a predestinated!

They began working together in 2013, every day for different restaurants, coherently with the cuisine of the given place: Iyo, Gong, Ba Asian MoodTa Hua, L’Unico (Chef Fabio Baldassarre), Al Coniglio Bianco, Aromando Bistrot, 13 Giugno

They also offer cooking classes and tailored consultancy for firms.

Their secret ingredient consists in blending ethnic inspiration with high school technique, making true the match of tradition and sheer innovation.

1. Dear Viviana, dear Paolo, three words to depict who you are

V&P: friends, enthusiastic creatives, food lovers

2. Three words to tell us about your work

V&P: As we are free lance, we work for the places hosting us and our creations are in line with their offering (kind of cuisine, service, tastes, etc)

3. The very first time you realized what you do is the mission of your life

V&P: After years spent in improving our skill, in 2013 we gave concrete shape to our commercial format. So far asian restaurateurs are the most open and welcoming with our approach

4. What heals your creativity?

V&P: Passion is our main driver. Everything inspires us, even (our challenge…) uncommon ingredients from different ethnic cuisines

5. The compliment that gave you the most of joy 

V&P: Every time we have positive feedback – from TripAdvisor, culinary websites and columnists -, that’s the same emotion. Furthermore, plates of our desserts – as back to the kitchen – are always empty! 

6. The customer to avoid

V&P: Those doing overselling about their knowledge with patisserie…this tends to be true mainly with restaurateurs, while customers follow their taste!

7. Art and food feed people (in different ways, I agree). What is your favorite food?

P: I love traditional dishes with an extra care for execution

V: I agree, execution is a key point. As a dish,  baccala mantecato

8. If your creative pleasure was a food, what would it be?

P: Tonka beans

V: Legumes, in particular chickpeas, they fit the whole mediterranean culture, ranging from Italy to Middle East

9.  Whatever your next artistic project, if it was a dish what should it be?

V&P: A shot in the mouth: different consistencies for a sweet, salty, acid and bitter harmony!

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