Artist’s table: Rino Rossi

maggio 12, 2016

As creativity is the salt in our lives, “Artist’s table” is a 10 questions plot aimed at discovering with photographers, architects, writers, designers, chefs etc. where their insight comes from, how is life as an artist, what’s the multiple shapes art may take and, last but not least, the love story between art and food. The first guest is Rino Rossi, his manifesto Arthur Koestler’s “Creativity is the art of getting two and two to get five”!

1. Dear Rino, three words to depict who you are

R: A dreamer, a music lover, stubborn

2. Three words to tell us about the role of creativity in your work

R: Preponderant, intrinsic, unrestrained

3. The very first time this would have been the mission in your life

R: The day I stared at the hardcovers of my long play records I realized I had to do something like that


4. What is fundamental for your art to take concrete shape

R: Whatever the supposed-to-be- necessary guidelines, in what I do everything stems from insight

5. The compliment that gave you the most of joy

R: “I can’t believe you can do this with a smartphone!”

6. The customer to avoid

R: The one obsessed by technique 

7. The critique you cannot fight back

R: “Why did it take you so long to begin with this career?”


8. Art and food feed people (in different ways, I agree). What is your favorite food?

R: I love food, it feeds both taste and sight. I’m open to experimental cuisine, but a link with mediterranean traditions and its colors is a must

9. If your creative inspiration came form an ingredient, what would it be?

R: Saffron: yellow, tangy and health…a great antioxidant!

10. Whatever your next artistic project, as a dish what should it be?

R: One of my next exhibitions will be focused on “visual minimalism”. A shrimp risotto with lemon scent would be the perfect match!


Main picture: Fragments,

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