Artist’s table: Roberto Clemente

maggio 12, 2016

1. Dear Roberto, three words to depict who you are

R: Creative, Complex, Gritty (best version, of course)

2. Three words to tell us about your artistic work

R: Erratic, Passionate, Pervasive

San Clemente

3. The very first time you realized drawing is a mission in your life

R: Never considered drawing a mission

4. What is fundamental for your art to take concrete shape?

R: Loneliness, panic, risk, intensity, frenzy, impatience: all together, nothing happens without one of this modality


5. The compliment that gave you the most of joy 

R: You have grit

6. The customer to avoid

R: Some people are toxic. Try to avoid them (from Ten Things I have Learned, Milton Glaser). Customers or not.

7. The critique you cannot fight back

R: You are touchy

San Diego

8. Art and food feed people (in different ways, I agree). What is your favorite food?

R: Bread

9. If your creative pleasure was a food, what would it be?

R: Chocolate

10. Whatever your next artistic project, if it was a dish what should it be?

R: Masala mushrooms

Main picture: Long Beach, The

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