Experience of Baroque in Sicily

marzo 5, 2017

Sicily is a universe by itself. The rich and the humble, the noble and the neglected, display and misery, all the ingredients of a play where you’ll never know until the end who’s the winner, if there’s ever one. An intense, inextricable, charming, harsh universe. That’s what baroque is about. 

An exhausting challenge where everything is true and false at the same time. And the whole island remains silent at last. “Uno, nessuno e centomila” is the “riverrun/ing” tale of all the people we met: waiters, hoteliers, drivers, fishermen and their wives, butchers, street vendors, widows, pilferers, boozers, priests, proud farmers, the blunted and the welcoming. 

Traditional dishes at Taverna Nicastro (“A cena sull’altopiano, 52 menu della cucina tradizionale iblea”, a masterpiece of recipes… unfortunately published only in Italian). 

The young chef who got back “a casa mia” after 12 years in Germany (his Michelin Star didn’t follow him; nowadays he proudly servers lemon, fennel, capers and anchovies salad or the orange, olives onions and cosacavaddu cheese- caciocavallo ragusano – one in his 8 seats inn).

All the great friends at La sirena (fantastic pros, extremely customer focused plus the chef’s magic touch), the young japanese guys next to the Ortigia fish market in Siracusa… well… this way I’ll never stop.

It’s a holistic experience, everything is back to what it’s supposed to be. No discounts in the bad, no celebration in the good. As genuine and true as it can be. Thanks Sicily!

Pictures by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi 

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