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The land of generous dreamers – part 3

maggio 2, 2017

Sardoncini (big anchovies), bombolini (sea snails), trufelli (calamaretti spillo, baby squids), calcinelli (a peculiar kind of clams know as telline), cannelli (known as canolicchi or cappelunghe), nocchie (known as canocchie), moscioli (mussels), folpi (octopus), furbi (baby octopus) garagoi or crocette (murici, another kind of sea snails), anguilla (eel), aringa (herring), baccala (salted codfish), stoccafisso (stockfish), sarde (sardines), sgombri (mackerel), suri (sugarless, horse mackerel), beccacce (woodcock), cinghiale (boar), fagiano (pheasant), lepre (hare), quaglie (quails), starne (partridge), tordo (thrush), tacchino (turkey), agnello (lamb), pecora (sheep), quinto quarto (offal), lumache (ground snails), rane (frogs).  Continue Reading…


My Irish soul – part 2

marzo 5, 2017

In Ireland we realized what a place can truly say to your soul: as the empathy of place and humans works, you get the magic addiction! Ireland, in its dazzling and inspiring green, means connecting interior dots that start from “me, in the world” and end up (if end is supposed to be the proper issue) “me and my soul”.  Continue Reading…


My Irish soul – part 1

marzo 5, 2017

Sand and luxuriant grass hosted us barefoot, while La Sportiva boots lead me through rocks and mud. We spent some 2016 summer walking in the vibrant cliffs and beaches in Connemara, Mayo and Donegal. We got quickly used to Continue Reading…


Artist’s table: Clara Bona

luglio 5, 2016

1. Dear Clara, three words to depict who you are

C: I am an architect, a journalist and a curious person, in love with everything that is beautiful and charming

2. Three words to tell us about the role of creativity in your work

C: It is a priority. Without creativity my work wouldn’t exist: an impressive interior is mainly made by style and original ideas 

Continue Reading…