Dream on

gennaio 8, 2017

An early morning pilates session, isometric workout (“isos”, the perfect stillness where all the forces within your body contrast each other), then a 60 mins run on a steep layer, some food grabbed at local street market getting back (bread from Altamura, fresh datterino tomatoes, baby burrata, salted anchovies, a pinch of fresh basil, greek olives, capers, fennels, radish and cucumber), plenty to breathe. Then back to my daily homework, Verderama. Where I let my day-dreaming flow.

I wish I was in Murano, a generous spritz, the Torcello church tower as an unsayable setting, “broeto de pesse” (fish soup) and a quick chit-chat with handsome friends (whoever they might be). 

In Italy fish soup is about a universe: wherever you go you’ll get a different version, because of the fish, the technique, the cooking, herbs, spices… a fresh white wine or a warm&light red one? what about a pinch of vinegar? who said parsley had a room? no garlic, please! who said “tomatoes in what…???” red pepper kills! some bread crumbles, please…I didn’t expect fried cod and chickpeas… well, stop it. As you have a chance, depending on the place, have a try. It’ll hardly be a failure, but don’t ask too much… fish soup is a religion, here!

Picture by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi 

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