Highs and lows – part 2

marzo 23, 2016

The “choose, pay, eat” chain is a relatively recent one. The more you go back in time, the more you had to do with hunting, fishing, raising your own animals, getting out the best from your acres of land (I need to read one more time Michael Pollan, so inspiring!). Together with this, as the choice was for the less and it all was that complicated, eating had more to do with healing than with pleasure. Despite this, that food we are talking about meant a social and cultural identity, anyway. That food that healed your thinking, your habits and values. Food is much more than eating, it’s about who we are, what we do, how we do what we do. It’s quite common we don’t ask ourselves why we like what we mean we like, what the food we have means to our inner wellbeing, what kind of emotional needs the food we have does effectively fulfill. The more than we could admit, food is our favorite synonym for HOME, HEART WARMING, COMFORT. To us, only this truly matters.

Thanks to Anselm Kiefer for his fantastic flowers

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