Highs and lows – part 3

giugno 4, 2016

A few months ago, 7am in a posh gym, London (forgot the name of the hotel): I was having my daily tapis roulant session after a challenging booze time with friends the evening before.
The trainer was an italian guy and in need to have someone to talk about Italy and italian food. Amongst the things we said, he told me “we are what we look like“.
He meant that if our skin doesn’t look well hydrated or is spotted with stains, well, your body is complaining about something. The list of the potential clues was quite generous…
As I changed my perspective, what he said is true also through different lenses: we are what we look like because of what we eat. Think about the differences between tongan and greenlandic raw materials for the cooking (huge bodies in both cases, I agree, but food couldn’t be more different). Lazy mediterraneans, on the contrary, are about fragrant lemons, pungent basil, healthy olive oil, red wine and an astonishing availability of fruits and veggies. The shapes and masses of our bodies change accordingly to the food you have…and you have THAT food because of THAT place and the habits you inherit…   

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