Highs and lows – part 4

giugno 26, 2016

Ratskeller food, Abendbrot dinner or cold food dinner…that’s about german street food, wurstel, gurke, mustard, sauerkraut, boiled meat, ham, cheese and beer, beer and beer again…

Germany is about this, as Italy (depending on the areas) brings you to polenta, artisanal bread, risotto, hundreds of pastas, pizza (Italy IS about pizza, one way or another you’ll get it wherever), mozzarella, burrata and so much more to write about. (We will for sure, in Italy every person and every place is a foodie issue). 

Germans are germans because of what they eat (despite currywurst is a newcomer I hardly manage to love so far…), the same is about italians (pasta and mandolino…)…the whole of this to say that food is about identity, traditions, cultural borders, roots, openness, pride and the most of the things that make a guy from Hamburg that different from another born in Pantelleria…that’s life!!!

Picture by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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