Highs and lows – part 5

giugno 26, 2016

The final fix…

1. we are what we eat (our body should be supposed to be happy)

2. what we eat makes us what we think (in the good and the bad…but the latter has nothing to do with good food)

3. what we eat makes what we look look like (my belly is carefully hidden with an extra fit A&F tee…!!!)

This brings us to the crucial theme: there’s a kind of an overlap between what we are and the food we have, and sometimes this leads us in the wrong direction. Call it “low quality traditional food”, “poor ingredients”, “contemporary living”, “social admiration”, “the latest trend in beauty”, well… this leads to choices that damage our physical and, I am sure, nervous and emotional health. 

I don’t believe in magic formulas (shortcuts don’t pay)… what I learnt in my personal experience is that you have to listen to your body, feed it with balance, focus yourself on a holistic approach. Body and mind dream, suffer, desire, struggle together all the time. 

Food is our critical fuel, so be aware of your choices, that’s the only what to truly be who you are (and hopefully get the best of yourself out of it!).

Picture and food preparation by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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