I am not a Chef (but I love them) – part 5

giugno 26, 2016

As I read reviews or listen about Chefs and their cuisine, I think that he whole issue is often overrated. I don’t deny a Chef makes something that has to do with art, beauty, knowledge…for sure it takes a lot of hard work, humility and consistency…but we are talking about people who are lucky enough to do what they love (or they are supposed to), they don’t save lives, they just make others living a tastier one (until bill time…).

Don’t take me as a rude one, I love Chefs, their (sometimes) bizarre personalities, their being enthusiastic, visionary, humble, curious, determined, risk takers, heart warmers, culture explorers. I love all the meanings they manage to convey in something that lasts too little (a fantastic dinner !!!). I just ask them to keep being themselves, always having in mind what their coherence is supposed to be (taste, ingredients, engagement with customers). This is the preferable way to keep seeding and finding new field where to give free shape to their knowledge and intuitions. Because, beyond sustenance, the ultimate nature of food is desire.

Picture of E. Baj and R. Clemente works by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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