I am not a Chef – Part 2

marzo 18, 2016

Chefs have an extremely complex role as they have the last say and responsibility on everything, from staff training and selection to raw products, from business propositions to commercial success. Despite this, Chefs are human beings

As I read somewhere A Chef just think like a SCIENTIST, organize like an ACCOUNTANT, inspire and motivate like a WARRIOR, move like a TRACKSTAR, plate like an ARTIST and cook like GRANDMA.

As a Chef become “the Chef”, what his daily stuff is about? He knows all the efforts he needs to make it all work, but will he keep innovating too? I mean that reaching success is a though issue, but how you manage then to stay that high? 

Can you really afford to be yourself

Are you getting a kind of an iconic and static image of yourself?

Will you find the right path to improve, balancing passion and pragmatism? 

Antoine Lavoisier said that “(in nature) nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”…we’ll think about this! 

Picture by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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