I’m not a chef – part 4

giugno 14, 2016

These days tv entertainment, publishing and “buzz on the web” is dominated by Star Chefs. As a foodie (yes, I am), plenty of books, pots and pans plus assorted stuff make me a valuable customer to Amazon…To youngsters, Chefs are rock stars. To millennials, kitchen (better if rented for the occasion) is the modern agora where to stay with friends (quite interesting, as they live surfing among FB, wazzup, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, weChat, but are in need of some tangible living…).

Chefs are on an uneasy verge, as around them there are plenty of authentic cheaters: people driven by massive curiosity, indisputable motivation, no self judgement but sheer passion “I’m an absolute beginner, and I’m absolutely sane”, always thanks David… 
To those starting with my age having a personal Chef for a dinner at home is a matter of status. Almost like hosting a celeb. 

The Chef is the real show (“and he is sexy too…”)…OMG…

The Chef in your house knows you are a foodie who does not master his tricks and true abilities. The Chef knows that being what he is has to do with huge sacrifices he only knows. His techniques are indisputable. But is still passion that energizes him? Or it’s just the only job he can rely on? 

Despite the professionals, armies of natural born foodies such as retired, housewives, farmers, fishermen and many others can be a tough nut to crack for our poor “pro” Chef… 

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