My Irish soul – part 1

marzo 5, 2017

Sand and luxuriant grass hosted us barefoot, while La Sportiva boots lead me through rocks and mud. We spent some 2016 summer walking in the vibrant cliffs and beaches in Connemara, Mayo and Donegal. We got quickly used to what every irish native knows… “you can see every season in a day”. As the wind was salty, coarse salt and butter on wholewheat flour bread was a true heart breaker, boiled crabs and fresh oysters at O’Dowds, generous ladies cooking pigs trotter pies for nephews while hosting us, apple and turnips at breakfast time in cozy cottages, Guinness and lamb stew as a reward for a hard walk. 

As you say Ireland you mean “green” (like the shamrock), lively, generous, calming (as nature), but nonetheless daring (having “green light” on something that matters to you) and challenging (tides, wind and the Foireann náisiúnta rugbaí na hÉireann!!!) . 

Depending on the places, green has to do with fertility (Celtic myths), wealth (think about a huge pile of US greenbacks), eternal life (Japan), anahata (the chakra that bridges physical and spiritual worlds).
Ireland represents a fundamental step in a personal rout we (me and my wife Francesca) began some time ago. As we realized a “healthy body” means a “breathing soul”, the whole and intense flow of vital energies began to find their own spontaneous flow.

Pictures by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi 

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