My Irish soul – part 2

marzo 5, 2017

In Ireland we realized what a place can truly say to your soul: as the empathy of place and humans works, you get the magic addiction! Ireland, in its dazzling and inspiring green, means connecting interior dots that start from “me, in the world” and end up (if end is supposed to be the proper issue) “me and my soul”. 

I felt myself in a social environment where roots and rituals deserve a respect the goes beyond individualism for the sake of the community, a kind of a world that I remember in my childish years.

All this talking about the should, well, don’t let the belly that neglected… Irish food speaks the same language of its inhabitants: it’s generous, heart-warming and authentic. 

Last but not least…we’re so in love with Ireland we’ll be back there next summer too, though there’ll be time for a visit to Skye and Orkney Islands too. 

We’re seeking for paradise on earth, that’s the damn truth! And we know we’re making a perfect selection! 
Pictures by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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