Liscia, gassata o… – part 3

giugno 4, 2016

Some restaurants can be extremely anonymous: it’s just about feeding people at a market price given by who the customers are (occasional tourists, workers in the area, students, retired). Whoever could be in the kitchen, no empathy, no personality. Pros for this is that the restaurant, as far as it works, no problem for the owner. Many places are like this, (often) cheap personnel and “delivery comes first”.By the way, these personal considerations don’t necessarily mean that food is not good. A good place for the kind, I’d say, a family-run trattoria, a worthless one, well, so many…

A bubbly restaurant is well known because of its Chef, he is the star, he makes the buzz and the difference between success or failure. Chefs with strong personalities need to be handled with care. Tales about visionary, super demanding, egotic and nonetheless fragile persons humiliating almost everyone in sight (not only in secluded kitchens) are spreading despite unpersuasive and feeble denying . 

These days TV shows about chefs are on the highs: I guess it’s like fashion, try to sell the most today as tomorrow is unknown. 

The most of star chefs are entrepreneurs as well (no need to hire one, as they can they will hire themselves). 

I wonder if being that proactive makes them (a bit) more pragmatic or extreme, more compelled to a virtual role or insecure because of fear to fail.

Picture: Angelina Jolie in a TV screenshot

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