Liscia, gassata o… – part 4

giugno 14, 2016

It’s hard to see a star chef that innovates its cooking without thinking about the consequences: as you change your style and what you do is not appreciated any more by your customers, you are putting yourself out of the game.

But as you keep selling the same stuff, despite your passion is true, it can be extremely boring. To me the preferable way is about balance and sobriety: the winning chef is the one with a personality who keeps exploring and delivers change as it is worth to enhance creativity and satisfaction to customers. No sterile and radical rupture, no lack of passion to represent a kind of certainty to customers.
In between of these routes it could a kind of a walk: the chef introduces his customers to his knowledge, shows them new perspectives (as they are worth being attempted) as everything change in time. This in true for taste, expectations, what satisfies us and our taste. Dream on!         

Main picture by Elly Sanoner, Adler Hotel Ortisei

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