Liscia, gassata or… – part 2

maggio 16, 2016

One step back…Chefs are a peculiar sample of human being: genial, enthusiastic, humble, featureless, self-centered, insecure, petty thieves, day-dreamers. It could take days to make this list…and it could remain meager anyway…
As you hire blind a Chef, well, my dear, good luck! Everything and its opposite could be the next hot potato jumping in your burned hands…Sure, patience can make the difference, but what you count at the end of a hard working day is what makes the difference! That’s why looking for “the right chef” is not easy at all. 

Now let’s start with connecting dots…You are right, you are still asking me what “Liscia, gassata or…” stand for…Well, it is a great refrain for the fantastic Ferrarelle water. It added value to a product that, as its worldwide reputations speaks for, is extraordinary. “Liscia” stands for plain, natural, “gassata” is bubbly, exuberant, Ferrarelle is about a smart and winning personality, a kind of “you have the qualities but you don’t need to display them”.

That’s how balance wins. 

We’ll use this metaphor to talk about Chefs the folliwing posts.

Main picture: details of a drawing by Ana Perez Grassano 

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