Our veggie try!

giugno 3, 2016

It’s three months Francesca and I are having no meat, fish, cheese and dairy products, cured meats. We cut short hard liquors, opt for organic wines rather than conventional ones. We reduced our bread consumption (yeast is of no help) in favor of brown rice, millet, barley, oat, kamut, soba. We increased legumes (they make the perfect marriage with grains), tofu, miso, quinoa, amaranth, green cabbage, spinach, seeds and dried fruits for the protein intake. Had chicken eggs twice so far, and sometimes dried fish roes (bottarga). We began this as a try to verify if changing our habits would have meant a better digestion and less acid reflux. The very first two weeks not that encouraging, some bloated stomach, feebleness and anxiety. We pushed on anyway, belly slimmed a bit, skin health improved, grey hair stopped. We got the more and more tuned with tastes that umami, salt, spiced and oily stuff tend to drown out. The same turned true for smells: smoked and fat ones got perceived as more aggressive, while delicate, fragrant and spiced ones took the main scene.

For the time being we feel much better and in no need to get back to old habits. Let’s wait and see, keep you all updated!

Picture of chickpeas by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi

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