Eolian islands in early autumn – part 2

marzo 5, 2017

Raw ingredients and cooking techniques work harmoniously as an orchestra: sweet-and-sour, fresh and dried spices, chocolate in salty preparations – as in the middle ages -, wild veggies join offal, rabbits, the well-known Nebrodi black pig, the fat piquancy of cheese.  Continue Reading…


Eolian islands in early autumn – part 1

marzo 5, 2017

If you ever think about visiting Eolian Islands I’d be for early Autumn (though late Spring seems another great option). Summer bedlam and peak hot are gone, while all the plus are there to stay longer: warm temperatures, great food, exceptional wines, welcoming people. Yes, the enemy of beauty is tourism (think about Venice…), a peculiar paradox where money feeds and kills at the same time.  Continue Reading…


My Irish soul – part 2

marzo 5, 2017

In Ireland we realized what a place can truly say to your soul: as the empathy of place and humans works, you get the magic addiction! Ireland, in its dazzling and inspiring green, means connecting interior dots that start from “me, in the world” and end up (if end is supposed to be the proper issue) “me and my soul”.  Continue Reading…


My Irish soul – part 1

marzo 5, 2017

Sand and luxuriant grass hosted us barefoot, while La Sportiva boots lead me through rocks and mud. We spent some 2016 summer walking in the vibrant cliffs and beaches in Connemara, Mayo and Donegal. We got quickly used to Continue Reading…


Into the wild

luglio 13, 2016

This post requires a brief introduction: on my mother side my blood is half Austrian and half Bolivian, on the other half from Trieste, half from the Ligurian seaside (Cinqueterre is the living proof God exists!).My wife is a natural born swimmer from Sardinia.
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