Rome wasn’t built in a day

giugno 21, 2016

You can’t get back home from Rome without feeling deeply thrilled.
Every time I clearly perceive its intense beauty and harshness, its elegance and culture. Romans are generous, temperamental, undentable (like the city itself) by the passing of time.

Despite in Italy every person has very strong and peculiar ties with her/his birthplace, this is particularly true and intense when it comes to Rome. 

Food is no compromise too: traditional, ritual (“gnocchi on thursday, fish on friday – salted cod with raisins and pine nuts -, tripes on saturday”), tasty, 

abundant, heart warming, humble (offal, brain, oxtail, lamb, pork cheek, pecorino cheese, bread from Genzano and Lariano, wonderful veggies) but quality always comes first. 

We had an unforgettable lunch in Trastevere: Roberto is honest, generous, a master of courtesy and hospitality and food, well…it’s a must as you get there!    

 Pictures by Riccardo Rama de Tisi: sunset in Rome, lunch da Enzo in Trastevere, wine biscuits by forno Innocenzi in via della Luce

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