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An interview with myself

giugno 20, 2016

1. Why losing 110 lbs / 50kg (from 250 to 140lbs / from 113 to 63kg)?
R: At the time I was having an extremely troublesome life, no surprise I was a heavy smoker and a junk food addicted. One day the doctor told me my heart membrane was worsening quite fastly…this scared me at most…it was the driver to decide to lose weight

2. How did you do it?

R: I started with no specific help or knowledge. At the very beginning I cut everything except bread, lettuce and water but after 6 months I had lost only 5 lbs and I was (understandably) desperate…
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Highs and lows – part 3

giugno 4, 2016

A few months ago, 7am in a posh gym, London (forgot the name of the hotel): I was having my daily tapis roulant session after a challenging booze time with friends the evening before.
The trainer was an italian guy and in need to have someone to talk about Italy and italian food. Amongst the things we said, he told me “we are what we look like“.
He meant that if our skin doesn’t look well hydrated or is spotted with stains, well, your body is complaining about something. The list of the potential clues was quite generous… Continue Reading…