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I am not a Chef


I am not a Chef – Part 1

marzo 6, 2016

A few years ago I was a 255 pounds lad on a 5.67 feet height. I was lazy, anxious and looking for the instant comfort that junk food gives.

I was also a heavy smoker. I realized that I needed to stop this and in 28 months I lost 120 pounds. In the making of this path I got truly passionate with ingredients: properties, how to manipulate them, how different cultures deliver a variety of stunning outcomes, its impact on health and wellbeing.

Now I am a food enthusiast, I spend plenty of times studying whatever has to do with it, but I am not a Chef. Not even a marmiton. I have no part in a professional kitchen and I don’t have one as well.

When asked who I am I answer I cook, I read and talk about food. No specific roles. Roles don’t match with my nature.

That’s why I cannot be a Chef.