The land of generous dreamers – part 2

maggio 2, 2017

Uliassi and Cedroni claim mutual respect and friendship – and I believe them – but when it comes to cooking I wouldn’t spare a dime on that… Hard workers, pushy personalities with relentless commitment, Uliassi and Cedroni keep striving for excellence. “Coppi and Bartali”, “Federer and Nadal”, “Messi and Ronaldo”, you got it… unsolvable challenges. They (Uliassi and Cedron) can’t hide each other in a 40 thousand inhabitants place… a pinch here of Gelinaz and spray there of Cookitraw to nurture competition every day.  

Further to add, “Uliassi and Cedroni” dualism is a challenge within the challenge: tradition versus innovation keeps being alive and vibrant in the whole Italian gastronomic panorama. Their mastering roots allow them to compete in exploring new ways to make it contemporary/innovative/visionary.

My father was both a teacher and an architect: he used to say you can toy with abstracts only as you manage basics. This means that in order to innovate, you need first a consolidated cornerstone of knowledges to leapfrog from.Uliassi and Cedroni know this very well.

Pictures by myself, Riccardo Rama de Tisi 

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