Tuscany in my child memories

aprile 9, 2016

My dad was born in 1948 close to Vicenza, he attended the first two years at Architecture University in Florence. He met the girl that… became my mother in Verona in late 1969, so he decided to end up his studies in Venice in order to be closer to her. As he was extremely talented and determined, his very first customers were the parents of the other guys he had met during university years both in Florence and in Venice. I have magic memories related to these two paradises. My very first try by the florentin triper in Piazza del Porcellino is one of my personal madeleines. In the years my dad kept cooking at home some traditional dishes from Tuscany, he was extremely good with it. We’ll have other chances to talk about venetian cuisine too (I almost grew up with it!).

La ribollita“: as it was worked out by farmers on friday in order to last (hopefully) not earlier than on sunday, it was to be warmed (“boiled”) a few more times. It’s a traditional soup made with saltless bread (cut in thin slices, grated and rubbed with garlic), cannellini beans (both whole and in puree), chard, tuscan kale (the almost black one), savoy cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, fresh tomatoes, tomato paste (“concentrato”), assorted thyme, rosemary, sage, olive oil, oregano, black pepper. 

Crostini con fegatini di pollo“: chicken livers pate made with anchovies, capers, parsley, onion, garlic, and bread (lightly roasted and softened with stock)

Castagnaccio“: a dessert made with chestnut flour, water, raisins, pine nuts, nuts, rosemary, coarse salt, olive oil!

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